From July 1, 2018 through September 30, 2018, I have a wonderful opportunity to be on sabbatical from my position as Executive Director of the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance.

During my sabbatical I am “unplugging” in many ways–work email and calendar have disappeared from my phone and my laptop.  I’m taking a break from Facebook and generally spending a lot less time with my phone in my hand (or very close by).

This blog offers me some important opportunities during these 90 days:  it gives me a time and space to translate some of my experience into words and images; it offers me an opportunity to practice writing, something that I used to do with great joy; and it provides a way to share a little bit about this experience as it happens with friends and colleagues–and perhaps to get a little feedback and sense of connection as well!  My guess is that I will add to it weekly. Maybe more.  Maybe less.

Many thanks to Linda, Kate, Angela, Amanda, Kat, Michelle and Jonathan for taking on pieces of my job during these three months so that I could have this time.  Many thanks Sheree, Sanu, Judy, Jennifer and Claire for stepping up in your leadership roles on the Governing Body in my absence and supporting me, the staff and the agency as a whole.  Many thanks to all of the members of the Action Alliance team–staff and Governing Body–for your support, for the extra tasks you take on over the summer, and for just generally being such an awesome team.