on the last day of my sabbatical…



the gift of time

love is very present, in the giving and in the receiving

honoring this space, fully committed to seeding and growing renewal

much can grow in ninety days

my comrades, my friends, my family, my bestest comrade/friend/family/love

my deepest thanks

joy        20180928_144537

right now: lovely breeze  blowing, temperature  just right,  playlist from our wedding  on the stereo; I sit outside with  laptop and pups

spending the better part of every day outside; simply joy

tending gardens, harvesting vegetables, walking on the beach, walking down the road listening and listening and listening to podcasts

reading and writing and baking

family and friends, good conversation, good beer




mind open, receptive

strong (enough) and ready


your journey these last few months, my colleagues/comrades/friends?

your hopes for what comes next?/our hopes for what comes next?

breathing new air, in and out, in and out

present, joy-full and centered in deep appreciation and love

the possibilities?







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