It all begins with family…

…and a week at the family cottage, situated beautifully on a sandy beach  at the mouth of the Rappahannock River with a view to Chesapeake Bay.

What a gift to begin a period of reflection in such a place.  What a delight to begin to lean into renewal with the joy and energy that only 6-year olds and 10-year olds can exude at the prospect of unlimited access to water, beaches, boats, floats and hundreds of amazing little critters! What a treat to begin a time of mindfulness by preparing meals and enjoying food with children, grandchildren, dogs, and grand-dogs for 9 days in a row. What a comfort to begin a period of discovery floating in the arms of the woman whose body, mind and soul offer, and receive in turn, the kind of deep love that can heal the world.

Reflection. Renewal. Joy. Mindfulness. Discovery. 

This sabbatical offers three months for reflection/renewal/joy/mindfulness/discovery, away from my position as director of a statewide non-profit–a job that I have loved most days of the past 26 years! Colleagues near and far encouraged and advised me about how to make the most of this time (and/or how to let go of feeling like I need to make the most of this time). An incredibly smart and talented and passionate group of board and staff leaders will create the space and keep the resources flowing in support of everyone who is part of our agency work to promote gender justice, racial justice, and healthy, whole communities. I am deeply aware of  the privilege and the blessings that have made this time possible.

And so it begins.




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