What can happen when you stop paying attention to dates…

…is you can “forget” your anniversary!!  Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would/could fail to be prepared for our anniversary. So I am taking it as a sign of the success of my attempt to detach from my calendar that I woke up this morning and had no idea that it was July 14th, the day that Ruth and I have celebrated as our anniversary for 29 years. A big, big, oops!!

Twenty-nine years. I remember clearly the day that I realized I wanted to know this woman better, the day that I realized that I had found my soulmate, the day I decided I was going to risk everything for the longshot of building a life together, the day we finally got legally married in a Maryland courthouse, and the day that we celebrated that marriage with our family and friends.  We’ve been through some shit together, but those are stories for another day.  The story for today is the story of the possibilities, the hope, and the deep, deep love that is possible when what you bring to a relationship is true appreciation for your differences, unconditional respect, an easy equity, and shared joy in the beauty that is all around us in nature and in the critters that share our lives and in our home and in the children and friends who have shared our journey. This relationship continues to teach and inspire and hold me up every day.

We’ve managed to celebrate this day just fine, even without advance preparation. Looking forward to an evening meal together: my first attempt at homemade pizza crust, topped with tomatoes and basil from the garden…and a few sips from a growler of a new IPA we picked up in our travels today (taking Nan’s sabbatical advice = “drink good beer”).

Maybe I will pay a little bit more attention to dates the next few months.  Maybe.


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